Attenzione is devoted to investigating humanity by creating and disseminating fresh content, that ignites conversation about humanity and future culture. Attenzione is the vehicle through which we structure and shine a light on the innovations, collaborations and ideas that inform our work, desires and lives as we critically consider the intersection between business, technology, systems and future society.

We pursue this mission because isolation, inequality, and scarce resources can lead us to remove humanity from our considerations and constrain our thinking about the possibilities of our future. For Attenzione, humanity and future culture must always be at the centre of the debate.

At Attenzione we believe that attention is a finite resource and we are in danger of over exploiting it. Not all reach is equal, and now, in the digital age, it is the time to consider quality attention. It is our hope that Attenzione is read, re-read and kept on the bookshelf forever


Issue 0 of Attenzione is an opportunity to begin an investigation into the immensity of identity, no small task when deep diving into something that remains all at once inexplicable and impossible to define. Identity now exists in an era of a complete blurring between physical and digital worlds and constant surveillance. Humans want to be both completely unique and socially well adjusted and accepted. Identity is messy, hardcore, fluid, cosmic, unbounded, our external world internalised and ultimately, a remarkable human invention.


Attenzione prides itself on having a curated list of global contributors from a cross section of disciplines. Issue No 0 features contributions from a wide variety of international thinkers, writers, artists and provocateurs including:

Cindy Sherman, Chardchakaj Waikawee, Destiny Deacon, Elena Dorfman, Exactitudes, Ivar Wigan, Jenny Zhang, Juergen Teller, Joey Yu, Lionel Shriver, Maggie Jackson, Micah White, Motoyuki Daifu, Stephen Shames, Timothy Morton, Yorgos Lanthimos, Yung Jake & many more.

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